The Main Issues Facing Tenants Prior to Moving In

TenantsBeing a tenant is never easy – there are many issues and considerations to deal with and account for. There are specific issues which every tenant is faced with, prior to securing and moving into the rental place of their choice.

Perhaps the first major issue is having the rental application or offer accepted by the landlord. These days, rental demand is high and landlords can be quite fussy with their tenant selection an approval process. If you want to give yourself the most chance of getting the place, make sure your references and guarantors are in order.

References are given by prior landlords or rental agencies which you were in contractual relations with. Good references mean you were a decent tenant, you paid your rent on time, did not bust up the place, organised for a professional end of tenancy cleaning and paid your bills before hitting the road.

In some cases, neighbours might also be asked to say a thing or two about you and the way you behaved while renting that particular place. A sufficient number of good referrals are necessary, especially if you are trying to score a place in a classier part of town.

In some cases, the landlord might like you as a person, but they might dislike you on paper i.e. the funds and figures you present might prove insufficient. Income, credit history etc. are all important when a decision is being made as to whether or not you can afford the place. In such situations, you might be asked to present a guarantor – a person who will vouch for you so to say. The guarantor will take on responsibility for covering any due rent or other amounts in case you as a tenant are unable to pay for those.

The guarantor will have to present evidence and confirmation that they are in fact financially stable and capable of covering the amounts in question, should the need be there.

Provided the rental is yours, keep the champagne on ice, as there are a few more issues to sort out with the landlord or letting agent acting on their behalf.

First up, clarify whether or not the rental has been cleaned professionally prior to you moving in. If the place has not been cleaned professionally, you are not obligated to organise a specialised end of tenancy cleaning or at least professional carpet cleaning by This should not affect receiving your rental deposit back. However, if the rental has been cleaned professionally before you moved in, you are obligated to arrange for professional end of tenancy cleaning before vacating the place. The cost of the service is deducted from your rental deposit, the rest is paid back to you.

Also, clarify what happens in the instance of emergency or accident at the property. You need to know who to contact at any time day or night. Some landlords prefer you contact them directly, others will ask you to report to the rental agency managing the property.

It is also advisable to consider tenant insurance, as this might save you a large amount of money in the case of adverse circumstances.